Effective SMS campaigns: Insider secrets and proven strategies


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Are you ready to make this year's campaigns the best yet? We've got you covered with a list of essential tips that even the most experienced senders sometimes overlook. So, without further ado, here are 5+1 tips to ensure that your SMS game soars to new heights:


When it comes to SMS marketing campaigns, one of the most important things to consider is the validity and active status of your mobile phone numbers. By checking the validity and active status of your numbers through a Home Location Register (HLR) database, you can ensure that your messages are being sent to actual, active mobile phone numbers. This not only increases your delivery rate, but also saves you on sending costs.

A HLR database is a global database that contains information about all mobile phone numbers, including the current status of the number (active or inactive) and the mobile network operator (MNO) to which the number is currently registered. By checking your numbers against this database, you can ensure that the numbers you are sending messages to are active and registered to a valid MNO. This increases the likelihood that your messages will be delivered and read by the intended recipients.

Additionally, by checking the validity and active status of your numbers before sending out any campaign, you can avoid sending messages to invalid or inactive numbers, which can be costly. In some cases, sending messages to invalid or inactive numbers can result in additional charges or fines from the mobile network operators. By checking your numbers beforehand, you can avoid these costs and ensure that your SMS marketing budget is being used effectively.

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When it comes to SMS marketing campaigns, it's important to find ways to maximize their effectiveness. One way to do this is by testing different versions of your text message with a sample group of recipients before sending it to the main batch of recipients. This allows you to see which message resonates the most with your audience and which message is likely to produce the best results.

To start, you can create several variations of your text message. These variations can include different wording, different calls to action, or different offers. Once you have your variations, you can then send them to a small group of recipients, also known as a sample group. This sample group should be representative of your main target audience, so that you can see how they respond to the different messages.

After sending the messages, you can then track and analyze the results. This can be done by looking at the click-through rates, conversion rates, or any other metric that is relevant to your campaign. You can then compare the results of the different versions of the text message and see which one performed the best.

Once you've identified the best-performing message, you can then apply this information to your main batch of messages. This will increase the chances that your main batch of messages will be well received and produce the desired results.

It's worth noting that, this process of A/B testing is not just for SMS campaigns but for any other marketing channels. It can be a powerful tool to optimize your campaigns, increase their effectiveness, and ultimately get more return on your investment.

You can find in-depth tutorial how to set-up tests here.


Sending SMS campaigns can be a powerful way to reach your target audience, but it's important to take steps to ensure that your messages are delivered successfully. One way to do this is by testing your content with a small group of messages before sending out the main batch. This allows you to identify and resolve any potential issues before they affect a larger group of recipients.

When testing your content, it's important to send a sufficient number of messages to provide meaningful results. A good starting point is to send a small batch of around 200 messages per route. This will allow you to test your content across different routes, such as different mobile network operators (MNOs) and different SMS gateways.

By sending your messages through different routes, you can identify which routes are the most effective for delivering your messages. For example, you may find that messages sent through a particular MNO or SMS gateway have a higher delivery rate or a lower bounce rate. Once you've identified the most effective routes, you can then focus on using those routes for your main batch of messages.

Once you've identified any issues, you can then take steps to resolve them. For example, if you find that a high percentage of your messages are not being delivered, you may need to clean your phone numbers list and remove the invalid numbers.

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When planning your SMS campaigns, it is essential to keep in mind that the routes used to send SMS messages within the United States can vary greatly depending on the carrier you choose. Each carrier has its own network of SMS routes, and what works best for one carrier may not be the most efficient or cost-effective option for another.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your routes and making the most efficient use of them, it is important to consult with your account manager. They will have a deep understanding of the different SMS routes available for each carrier and can help you to determine which routes will be the most reliable and cost-effective for your specific campaign.

Your account manager can also provide you with insights into the delivery rates and success rates of different routes, which can help you make more informed decisions about which routes to use. Additionally, they can help you identify any potential issues or bottlenecks in the SMS routing process and work with you to develop solutions to overcome them.

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It is important to keep track of the performance of your SMS campaigns in order to make data-driven decisions and stay profitable. Our system provides various statistics that can help you understand how your SMS messages are performing and make improvements. For example, you can track the delivery rate, which is the percentage of messages that were successfully delivered to the intended recipients. Additionally, you can track the response rate, which is the percentage of recipients who responded to the SMS message, and the opt-out rate, which is the percentage of recipients who opted out of receiving future SMS messages from you. By utilizing these statistics, you can gain valuable insights into how your SMS messages are being received by your audience and make adjustments to improve their effectiveness. This can include making changes to the content of the SMS message, the targeting of your campaigns, or the timing of when the messages are sent. Ultimately, keeping track of these metrics will help you stay profitable by ensuring that your SMS campaigns are reaching the right audience and achieving the desired results.

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The Segments tool is a powerful tool that allows you to target your audience more precisely by creating dynamic segments based on customer data and specific rules that you set. This tool enables you to send your campaigns to the right people at the right time, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

By using this tool, you can target specific groups of customers, such as those who have recently clicked or those who have not engaged with your campaigns in a while. This allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of your audience.

By utilizing the Segments tool, you can ensure that your campaigns are reaching the right people at the right time, which can improve engagement and drive conversions. With this tool, you'll be able to send your campaigns like a boss, hitting the right target audience and achieving your desired results.

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