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SMS Marketing

Key advantages of SMS marketing via SMSEdge

Massive Reach

Around 80% of all mobile subscribers worldwide use SMS - it is the most widely used way of communication

Instant and Open

SMS open rates hit up to 98%, mostly in first few minutes.

Personal Connection

SMS creates a personal communication channel between companies and their customers,  boosting brand awareness

Engagement Rates

SMS marketing click-through rate reaches 50% and higher. Users not only read text messages - they are far more engaged with them

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SMS Marketing Tools

Our platform offers limitless functions such as:

Conversion Tracking

Landing Page Management

Send management



US Campaign Registry

A/B Testing

Numbers Verification

2way Campaigns

Auto Sender

Contact Management


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Email Marketing

Key advantages of Email marketing via SMSEdge

Email Delivery

Using best warmup services we ensure that the emails get directly to the inbox.

Data Driven Results

Our Email platform is built with the end result in our mind. Precise metrics monitor and powerful tools for optimisation.

Customer Care

Our managers take customer's success as personal. We make sure that customers are taken care off and always get highest level of support.

Clear Division

There is a clear division of you handling the marketing and us the technicalities. You don't need to worry about it!

Email Marketing Tools

Through our platform you will have access to the limitless functions such as:

Multiple Vendor Sending

Email Warmup


Email Servers

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With many things going on you will need an all in one solution where you will be able to store all of your important information.
Thanks to SMSEdge you will be able to manage multiple inboxes, through different channels all at once!

Inbox Tools

See what our Inbox Solution offers:

Mobile Apps

Chat Bots

Shared Inbox



Live Chat

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Agency Account

Agencies can have multiple sub-accounts under one parental account.          

As an agency account, you can check the statistics, transfer balance, and explore the campaigns and lists of your sub-accounts.

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