Agency account - Managing multiple SMS campaign senders

Want an agency to manage your SMS campaigns but afraid they'll steal the data? Want to offer SMS services to your clients but it's hard to explain? finally, it's easy ✅

Sending SMS at scale can be a time consuming process. The agency account allows you to provide and use SMS sending services with no fear of losing funds or getting your customer data leaked. To get an agency account, signup for free and change your regular account to an agency account.

For agencies (SMS campaign managers) - The agency account will allow you to manage your clients SMS campaigns, without accessing their data, requiring additional funds for the SMS campaigns with detailed reporting built in.

For clients (data owners) - The agency account will allow you to work with multiple agencies who can login and send the campaigns for you.

- Free - pay only for what you send, no fees required.
- Unlimited sub-account creations - create unlimited amount of sub-accounts under your main account.
- Funds management - manage funds between accounts.
- Statistics management - view detailed statistics about sub-account performance.
- Campaign management - access all sub-accounts campaigns.
- List management - access and assign lists per sub-account. Sub-accounts don't have access to the customer data.

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Converting to an agency account

  • In order to turn your account into an agency account you can go to the your profile page:, then click the "Add agency capabilities" button.
  • After clicking the button a window with a short explanation will pop up. Keep in mind you can always switch back to a regular user account.
  • If you are no longer interested in an Agency Account, you can return to being a regular user and send campaigns through our system.
  • To do so, go to the profile page: and click the "Become a User" button.
  • Keep in mind this will only be possible If there are no existing sub-accounts. if you wish to become a user and you have sub-accounts please contact your account manager.

Agency accounts are best suited for

  1. Companies who need agencies to run their SMS campaigns for them AND keep their lists private AND monitor multiple campaign senders.
  2. Agencies who want to run SMS campaigns for different companies who own the data.

SMSEdge allows you to manage multiple SMS campaign senders by opening multiple sub-accounts under your main account. An agency account can distribute funds, exchange data, and view statistics of all of it’s subaccounts. Your sub-accounts won’t have access to your lists numbers and email addresses so you won’t be locked to one campaign manager or marketing agency.

Dashboard Page:

As an agency account, you can check the statistics, transfer balance, and explore the campaigns and lists of your sub-accounts. You can see these features on the dashboard page.

Adding, switching, or update sub-accounts:

  • Adding: You can add a new sub-account by clicking the button “New Subaccount”:

  • Switching/Editing: You can also switch to the subaccount user or edit the account details by clicking the icons (people or pencil) that are on the right end of the table.

Transferring money between accounts:

  • An agency account can transfer the funds in the balance between the subaccounts in any way you wish, from an agency account to a subaccount and vice versa. 
  • To transfer money from the agency account to a subaccount, see the “Balance Transfer” table on the right side of the dashboard.
  • You can select the account where the funds you wish to transfer are located under “From”, then under “To” select the account you want to transfer the funds to. Under “Amount” select the amount to transfer.

  • Data and Statistics:

From your Dashboard, you can view your sub-accounts sending activity.

  • SMS Statistics: A chart that shows the amount of SMS sent per country. You can toggle between day, week, or month for a deeper understanding.

  • Statistics By Subaccount table: Here you can see statistics for each account and even compare the subaccounts side by side. 

  • Target Countries: this table separates your subaccounts statistics by country.

  • Sending Activity: This table shows all your subaccounts’ statistics per campaign.

Campaigns Page:

By visiting the campaigns page you can see all your subaccounts’ campaigns information  (offers, ad texts, laps, logs, etc’) by clicking on the campaign name.

Lists Page:

  • On this page, you can see all of the lists that your subaccounts have uploaded along with data related to the list, for example: quantity of numbers, sends, and etc’.

  • Also, you can transfer lists between subaccounts  by clicking the blue down-arrow button and selecting the “Move A List” option, you can also choose to move a list with the list’s sending progress.

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