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Affiliate's SMS campaigns are the fastest growing industry in SMS marketing today.
While Facebook, Google, Email and other channels push affiliates away with higher costs, regulations and competition SMS stays consistent in delivery and ROI.

SMS is becoming a necessity for affiliates who want to make most out of their costly leads.
SMS is also on the rise because of today’s fully mobile funnels.

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Collect high intent leads that you'll up-sell, cross-sell, convert dropouts is where SMS really shines.

The high cost of SMS makes it essential you send to people who are likely to convert.

See our example simulation:


In SMS you essentially pay the Telecom for the “right” to message a network subscriber.

The price is different depending on the use case and country but generally ranges from about $0.01 to $0.05.

The high CTR rates achieved balances out the price per SMS.

That’s why SMS is a type of hybrid between email marketing (list management, sending campaigns etc’) and media buying.

Unique SMS Routing

SMS Routes are the connection between the campaign, mobile operator and the end subscriber.

By using real time and historic CTR information (patented) and mobile test phones we're able to keep the SMS costs down with high deliverability.

After uploading lists from multiple countries. The platform will autimatically select the best SMS routes for each country in the list.

SMS Marketing and Optimization

Our platform will help you to determine the best strategy for you and your business.
Through this solution you can build your funnels: -> send message -> get clicks -> get leads -> sell

There are multiple parameters which do make difference: numbers list, text, landing pages, time of sending

Extracting Clickers

Send more messages to those who open your links

List Slicing

When managing a large list contacts at different location have different properties, slicing helps

Sending Slowly

Starts with lower budget, test and scale


Use rotation commands such as {{{gift|offer|discount}}} in order to avoid spam filters

Segment Analysis

See which segment of your data performs the best.  Make appropriate adjustments

ROI per country offer

You can see which lead will need further testing

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