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Smart SMS Automation Campaigns

Maximise revenue per each lead you generate by connecting your lead sources to SMS drip campaigns.

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SMS automation, done right

Smart Drip Campaigns

Automatically sent SMS to an audience after they take a specific action.

Split test SMS texts and offers

Test SMS texts, landing pages, lists, time of day, gender, age, routes and more.

Optimize delivery using Custom Rules

Send a series of timed SMS to your prospect so you never lose touch. Choose from a list of messages, and enroll contacts.

Analyze the Effectiveness

Measuring sent, clicks, leads and sales data helps you hone in on which SMS sequences are most effective, so you can optimize and split test your SMS to get the best results.

Integrates with Your Favorite Tools

Automatically bring your data from multiple apps into SMSEdge.

Automate your SMS Campaigns Now

Optimize your SMS Marketing Campaigns
by creating automated sequences

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