Email Marketing

Empowering marketers to run better Email Marketing Campaigns

Multiple Vendor Sending

You can connect multiple email settings servers and providers to see how they deliver.

Helping you to get better delivery per Email ISP.
Platform will see which emails are expired, invalid or inactive.

After setting multiple campaign you will be able to see the performance of different campaigns to see which email delivers per ISP and to get real insight on the subscriber status.

Email Warmup

All in one tool for email deliverability - sends high engagement emails between a real network of emails so everybody gets a better reputation.

It is creating a stellar reputation for a new email address, such that there is a gradual increase in its sending volume - address which has been sending and receiving messages for some time has a good reputation which is 'warmed up'.

Increases open rates by up to 42%

Our example setup - Warmup A option will send between 1 000 and 2 000 high interaction emails daily through your server, considerably increasing delivery and inbox rates.

Email Servers

We work to maximize the profit per each sending server, so if you have a list of 100k or 1m contacts it does not matter - we can connect via 1,3,5,10,20,50 different sending servers at once.

You can order as many servers as you want!


Wide range of metrics allows to visualize the data with appropriate graphs and charts.
While you still want to inspect the actual data in table or spreadsheet form, the visual nature of graphs can give you sense of what is working well (and what isn't)

Chosen metrics which you will be able to monitor:

Open rates by vendor

CTR by country

CPC by country

Time of opening

CPA by country


Campaign Manager

Manage your email campaigns from one spot.

Filter campaigns via countless options and statistics such as:

Emails sent

Bounced emails

Email opens

Email clicks



Email Cleaning

Email cleaning is a tool to increase overall campaign performance. It consists of several stages.

Email Chat

You can manage all of your Emails from our dashboard.
Email chatting has never been that easy and organized!

A/B Testing

Testing is an important part of scaling email marketing campaigns.

In SMSEdge we work with our clients to test every aspect of the campaign to truly hone in on maximizing revenue.

Track your email campaign's click rates to get the most accurate numbers.

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You can segment your customers according to their certain parameters and activity for more precise targeting.

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