With SMSEdge integration to Voluum you will be able to

     1. Track conversions inside SMSEdge's panel allowing you to receive SMS ROI reports and optimise towards conversions (signups and sales)

     2. Get all available offers in Voluum to show inside SMSEdge offers selection

     3. SMSEdge traffic source will be added automatically to Voluum (traffic source is only available on a "profit" plan, not on "discover" plan)

Integration process

Relevant documentation

    - Access Key generation

    - API docs:

    - Adding custom traffic source

Integration flow

    - Generate Access Id & Access Key on Voluum's panel

    - Go to SMSEdge's Integration page and enter Voluum's Access ID & Key

    - SMSEdge has just created the SMSEdge "Traffic Source" in Voluum.

    - Under Voluum campaigns change “Traffic Source” to “SMSEdgeTS” - Voluum will generate campaign url according to the “Traffic Source” settings (with dynamic and pixel configurations)

That's it, happy sending.

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